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  2. Well, here is what happened. I was involved with Operation Ringwind, which is the team that actually went out and assassinated the people in the very first letter I mentioned to you. I know the names. I try and remember them out of memory, and the notes I make throughout my life. Our operation was with McKee and the other gentlemen who were killed on Flight 103. We actually trained these people at Camp Perry, Virginia. And we also trained them out of Fort Story and at Mint Farm Hill, which is the Intelligence Center. And we briefed them on everything. The object of this unit was to eliminate everyone that was involved in October Surprise.

    Everyone who had information pertaining that was not militarily, to do away with them. With the military people that were involved, and there were a variety of generals and colonels and so forth, it was handled in a different way. They had training accidents, or they were put so far into retirement that they didn’t know what the hell was going on. Google “The FBI polygraphers will clean-up this mess”

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